Why a Swing Dress?

Why would you want to buy a swing dress??  Well there are many reasons, but firstly let me just say... it is not as scary as it sounds!

A swing dress is a very classic design which has three main features:

1. A fitted bodice to your natural waist line,

2. An flared skirt bottom of some description, and

3. Is at least knee length or more traditionally below knee length.

So whilst the term swing dress may have you automatically thinking you must be a rock n roll dancer to pull one off this is not the case! It is simply a classic, elegant and timeless shape of dress that is flattering and beautiful on just about any body shape. So if you have been sitting on the fence and are unsure, I's saying jump in and give it ago because we are 99% sure you will love it!!  Shop our range of swing dresses at https://lovedaphne.com.au/collections/swing-dresses

Love Daphne xo